Animal Care


  • To educate children about taking care of their pets in the same way as they like their needs to be met, like having a safe home, a warm bed, water to drink, food to eat and medical care
  • To instilling empathy and a humane ethic in children at an early stage in their development, leading to responsible adults later in life
  • To help nurture the bond and natural affinity for animals that young people have
  • To distribute the WAR Edu-Activity book and DVD set to as many young children at safe havens and schools in South Africa

The identities of the individuals below are protected for their own safety and recovery.

    For many abused women, men and children, pets are sources of comfort providing strong emotional support. Often, victims have difficulty opening up to counsellors which is why WAR started this project, to bring comfort to victims, through the gentle presence of a dog or the soft fur to stroke on a cat, and at the same time, providing food and other goods to needy animals.



  • To give survivors the opportunity to reach out and help in a way that is safe and therapeutic at the same time
  • To provide animals in need with food, treats and blankets, collars and bowls
  • To assist and network with abused animal care institutions

WAR’s Pet Therapy Project is a unique program.  As part of the recovery process, we run projects for men, women and children to focus on animals in need and reach out a helping hand to them by packing food and treat parcels for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.  Carefully chosen dogs are also available for a cuddle or a kiss which brings a source of comfort and love to many a broken heart.

The identities of the individuals below are protected for their own safety and recovery.


    We are finding the children very responsive to our interactive educational sessions with them at schools and safe havens alike and are excited to share some of the pictures we have taken of them learning about pet care.

    We have worked alongside survivors of rape or abuse to pack food parcels for animals and laughed together and enjoyed some sweet love from the pets who visited on the day of each project.

    We enjoy walking a dog in need and we encourage all who come to us for help to volunteer to walk a dog in their area or with us each week.

    WAR’s sewing empowerment project is now making doggie blankets which form part of our packs that are distributed to pets in need.

    The following are photos from various pet projects that WAR is involved in.


Our benefactors are the life force of the organisation. Small monthly amounts allow us to make big changes in people’s lives.

Corporate Social Investment

We believe that companies can gain by allowing their staff to participate in helping others with WAR’s CSI projects while also working together in teams and having fun drumming together. These extraordinary experiences will excite, motivate, unite and inspire people.


Do you have a skill you can share that will help empower someone, or a venue for an event? Maybe you want to help us get comfort packs to trauma centres in your area…