CSI Projects

Corporate social investment is entering a new era in South Africa as companies comply with legislation and respond to the expectations of society. The central question for many companies is whether their corporate social investments are simply a mandatory expense or a strategic opportunity.

We believe that companies can gain by allowing their staff to participate in helping others with WAR’s CSI projects while also working together in teams and having fun drumming together. These extraordinary experiences will excite, motivate, unite and inspire people.

Your company’s CSI contribution should be a minimum of 1% of net profit after taxes (NPAT). In South Africa this is determined according to the Codes of Good Practice of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Act which allows five points on the BBBEE Scorecard for achieving this level of expenditure.

Allow us to partner with you and your staff in contributing to the development of our country.

Our professional team will bring all the necessary equipment and goods to your premises or meet you at the venue.  We do all the planning and bring loads of enthusiasm and fun!

INCLUDED is a DVD of the event too!

Our Projects

children painted hands

Community Social Involvement Event Options:

  • Binding Edu-Activity Books ‘Adopt a Class’
  • Making sandwiches ‘Feed a Child’
  • Packing comfort packs ‘Comfort a Survivor’
  • Making Recovery Journals ‘Counsel Aid’
  • Environmental clean-up projects ‘Safe Planet’
  • Pepper Spray hand-out ‘Empower People’
  • Eco-circle gardening projects ‘Agricultural Training’

Education was the most popular cause, supported by over 90% of companies in the past 3 years.

WAR presents the Edu-Activity Book/DVD sets that your company produces at a school of your choice with a fun, interactive program for the children, which you are welcome to attend.

Choose a school and class you’d like to adopt today and help us educate to create a safer tomorrow!

Previous Projects

  • Binding books and making recovery journals
  • Making sandwiches
  • Four in One day…

Tax Exemption

WAR is registered with SARS which means that any donation made to the organization will be officially recognised and the entity afforded a tax exemption, whether in monetary means or with goods.