Education & Prevention

    Woman Against Rape has also started the hand out of Edu-Activity Book Sets to children at various schools and presents an introductory lesson to pique the interest of the children with fun stories and songs about being aware of sexual predators and personal safety. 

These book sets include an edu-activity book filled with activities and tips for children on how to KEEP SAFE and BE SMART, an educational DVD, crayons and a tear-out certificate which they can personalise with their name upon completion of the book.

    Available topics include: Your Body Belongs to You (raising awareness about good and bad touches, what to do and how to deal with it), Say No To Strangers (raising awareness about strangers, identifying danger, how to react  and what to do in potentially dangerous situations), Say No To Bullying (raising awareness about the early signs of bullying, emotional consequences and how to stop bullying at an early age) and Too Smart To Say Yes (raising awareness about substance abuse and how to say no at an early age).
    The book sets are targeted at children aged 4 - 11. The 4-7 year old Edu-Activity Books are in line with the South African CAPS Curriculum and incorporates literacy and perceptual skills development as per the CAPS outcomes. There is also a manual which provides the teacher with lesson plans, activities and resources needed during the duration of the programme and forms part of the outcomes of the Life Skills Academic Programme and assessment. The 8-11 year old Edu-Activity Books are developed for this specific age group consisting of fun, educational activities with a powerful message.
    We as parents would like to prevent our children from becoming victims or making wrong decisions in life. It is, therefore, vital that we have necessary discussions with our children and the Edu-Activity Book Sets are really useful when having these discussions.
    We at WAR encourage all parents to help their children be aware of their personal safety and the dangers that may come their way by purchasing an Edu-Activity Book and DVD Set to work through with their child.
    We also ask corporate companies to "Adopt-A-Class" to fund the handing out of the book sets.  See more on our CSI Projects page.

Woman Against Rape is continually marching and protesting against rape and abuse to create awareness surrounding these horrific crimes.

16 Days of ActivismWAR raised awareness in the streets and had loads of fun with the biking community in Port Elizabeth in 2016, raising awareness of abuse and rape. It was a day to be remembered as the police escorted hundreds of bikers and VW beetles and kombis waving flags and hooting through the community. Donations were welcomed and comfort packs were handed over to those in need in PE.

    WAR has finally put a “face” to survivors of sexual assault and abuse, speaking out in local communities such as churches, schools, various Woman Clubs, on radio and at many corporate companies. We aim to create awareness surrounding this ever-increasing crime, providing practical strategies on how to avoid these situations and explaining misconceptions which often lead to thoughtless comments to victims who then take even longer to heal.

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    Raising awareness of the seriousness of sexual offences in South Africa is paramount to ending the rape and abuse that is tearing our families and nation apart! To the end, WAR is dedicated to educating adults by giving talks at places of work, social gatherings or church groups.

    Topics include Types of Abuse, How to Talk to my Child about Sexual Predators, How to Help Someone Heal and usually includes a self-defence demo and small gift to attendees.

In an effort to prevent rape and abuse, WAR started a “Pepper Spray Project” in South Africa. By handing out pepper sprays free of charge to those who cannot afford to buy them, WAR is empowering women and men to be able to defend themselves. In the first area we gave the pepper spray out, there has been a decrease of reported rape cases.

WAR Pepper Spray

    WAR believes that self-defence and protection should be an important priority for women and men. We, therefore, invite partner organizations to talk and do self-defence demos at our awareness campaigns.

    Self-defence training aims to arm individuals with skills to avoid, interrupt and to resist assault. It can increase the options and choices that we have in any given situation, including situations where we are at risk of violence.


Our benefactors are the life force of the organisation. Small monthly amounts allow us to make big changes in people’s lives.

Corporate Social Investment

We believe that companies can gain by allowing their staff to participate in helping others with WAR’s CSI projects while also working together in teams and having fun drumming together. These extraordinary experiences will excite, motivate, unite and inspire people.


Do you have a skill you can share that will help empower someone, or a venue for an event? Maybe you want to help us get comfort packs to trauma centres in your area…