Do you have a skill you can share that will help empower someone or a venue for an event? Maybe you want to help us get comfort packs to trauma centres in your area…

WAR has many volunteers who offer their skills at knitting teddies, sewing draw-string bags for the comfort packs, teaching survivors self-sustaining skills such as veggie gardening, jewellery-making, computer lessons or just offering a survivor a hair-cut or counselling session. If you have a passion to help others but are not sure what to do, please do get in touch with us and we’ll offer some suggestions and get you started on your own personalized volunteer activity, be it running a race for sponsors for WAR or just collecting a bottle of shampoo from your friends for WAR. Simply write a poem or article that we can share with others if this is what you like to do. No deed, when done from the heart, is un-cherished. We would love for you to be involved.

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